On-going support for technology investments is critical, and needs vary from organization to organization. Our award-winning support team provides comprehensive support for companies of all shapes and sizes—from day-to-day incident resolution to services such as decision support and system monitoring.

Support Services

Our Advisory Services resources use their industry expertise and strategic business knowledge to help you incorporate best practices and approach old business models in fresh ways. This group of experts gives you continual access to some of the best minds in the technology world-and in your own industry—allowing you to tap into innovation and stay ahead of the curve.

Advisory Services

Getting systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily supported deployment are the keys to delivering a fast and reliable return on technology investments. The Technolks Services team surrounds you with deployment experts who have decades of experience attaining these objectives. From provisioning and system implementation to performance management and tuning, we help you achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful for the long haul.

Deployment Services

The Technolks Services team is set up to provide whatever level of support you require. Through our managed services offerings, we can run your systems end-to-end or just provide support for certain aspects of your deployments. We cover all operational services, including service desk, system administration, capacity planning, facility management, service pack/hot fix, maintenance, backup, recovery, and archiving, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance. We also offer technical services such as customization care and functional application management support.

Managed Services

Objectives for technology investments cannot be achieved if users work with a new system but don't actively embrace it. Through a combination of classroom and virtual training, end user training, and on-going education subscriptions, the Technolks Services team partners with customers to ensure all end users are fully empowered to get maximum value from their Technolks solution. Our goal is to make end users' jobs easier and help them operate more efficiently, with the ultimate objective of enabling our customers to better serve their own.

Education Services

Customized ERP Solutions

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