ERP Details

HCT Business is specifically designed for today’s make-to-order, engineer to order, configure to order, build to stock and mixed mode manufacturers. Our innovative software empowers users to make informed decisions on production processes and business activities by providing proactive, real-time information. This allows you to shorten cycle times and optimize manufacturing information, supply cwordpressn management and manufacturing execution and planning.


Key less Entry

Accuracy defined and duplication arrested., Keyless weight inputs

Customer relation ship management

Capture, manage and track the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system.

Sales Order Management

Create and manage sales orders from a single screen while having easy access to production information, inventory status, and more.

Quality Process Management

An extensive suite of tools and capabilities necessary to cost-effectively manage quality issues while streamlining operations and facilitating collaboration.

Inventory Control

Advanced inventory management tools provide all the functionality to store, track and fulfill orders based on real-time inventory information.

Sales Management

ESmith’s Sales Management allows you to manage your sales efficiently, with easy access to information that keeps you responsive and organized.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Improve your planning processes, gain full visibility into your resources and manage your production processes accordingly .


your purchasers make reliable purchasing decisions by giving them access to the information they need to assess suppliers accurately.